Members of
The Town of  Salisbury
Historic District Commission



Carol Mason, Chairman (2018 - )
Elyse Harney, Secretary
Digby Brown
Tom Callahan
Jane Fitting
Leon McLain




Lou Burgess, former Chairman (1932 -2011)
. . . had a rich background in history.


Arthur Taylor, former Commissioner (1935 - 2015)
. . . could see how to take history forward.

Their contributions brought understanding about the contemporary value of Salisbury Historical District Commission and it's architectural heritage from the Colonial period to the present. Their clarity was focused on how the historic environment establishes a sense of grace and decorum in our environment. This purpose is the foundation of the work of this Commission, to maintain this quality of life for ourselves and future generations.

  The Charter Oak , oil on canvas, Charles De Wolf Brownell, 1857.  Wadsworth Atheneum

The Charter Oak, oil on canvas, Charles De Wolf Brownell, 1857. Wadsworth Atheneum

Charter Oak Tree

The Dutch explorer Adrian Block described, in his log in 1614, a tree, at the future site of Hartford, understood to be this one. In the 1630s, a delegation of local Indians is said to have approached Samuel Wyllys, the early settler who owned and cleared much of the land around it, encouraging its preservation and describing it as planted ceremonially, for the sake of peace, when their tribe first settled in the area. Scions of the tree still grow in Hartford and many other towns around Connecticut.   -- Wikipedia